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Low Pressure Tank Top Filters PT Series Parker


The Parker PT Series Low Pressure Return Line Filters provide an economical alternative for quality tank top mounted filtration. With a Parker space saving design that protects the quality of filtration, the PT Series offers both modularity and value.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact, Low Profile Design Reduces Weight and Costs
  • Patented Filter Element Assembly Designed for Direct Screw-In Mounting and Easy Removal
  • Unique Top End Cap Design Utilizes High Flow Capacity and Low Working Pressure
  • Cast Aluminum Head is Both Durable and Lightweight
  • In-to-Out Filtration Contains Contamination Within the Element, Avoiding Recontamination of the System During Service
  • Disposable Filter Cartridge is Easily Removed and Replaced
  • Premium Microglass III Media is Designed for Superior Dirt Holding Capacity and Efficiency, Reducing Maintenance and Downtime
  • Downstream Element Design Prevents System Aeration
  • Solid Bottom Endcap with Integrated Bypass Valve Insures Reliable Performance, Longer Element Life and Lower Maintenance Costs

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Sentinel Compact Oil Purifier


When an issue is diagnosed, which goes beyond your standard preventive measures, the Sentinel can be just the therapy your system needs. The harmful effects of contaminants in hydraulic oils are established. Maintaining a hydraulic system’s fluid cleanliness level will increase the life of the critical wear components, and reduce system downtime. Portable purification units are ideal for systems in applications demanding on-site decontamination. Delivering big results in a compact, lightweight package, the Sentinel is the latest in fluid purification technology from Parker.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact Size
  • Automatic Operation
  • Desiccant Breather
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Reverse Phase Switch
  • Ecoglass Particulate Element
  • Diffusion Head / Manifold
  • Forklift Guides / Lifting Eyes

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Tanktop Mounted Return Line Filter – STF Series


The Parker Filtration STF Series Return Line Filters STF Tank top mounted return filters feature pre-filtration by means of a magnet column and a bypass with low hysteresis. Thanks to the “In-to-Out” filtration principle, contaminated oil cannot leak back into the system. The STF filter has a casted iron filter head assembly, making it ideal for marine and industrial applications were the use of aluminium is restricted. The filter head with multiple ports, capable of handling flow up to 500 l/min at 10 bar working pressure, represents an easy and effective way of integrating return line filtration with power packs. Optional airtight diffusers are standard to avoid air ingress in the return line.

Features and Benefits:

  • ‘In-to-out’ filtration design means contaminated oil cannot leak back into the system.
  • Magnetic pre-filtration.
  • Cast iron filter head assembly
  • Multiple port configuration.
  • Flows up to 500 L/min.
  • 10 bar maximum working pressure.
  • Optional airtight diffusers.
  • LEIF® low environmental impact filter elements as standard.

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High Pressure In-line Filter – 100P Series


The Parker Filtration Model 100P High Pressure Filters. The 100P Series is designed to meet the growing demand for high-pressure filters with a flow rate capacity of up to 1000 l/min at 414 bar working pressure. For systems where reverse flow can be expected, an optional integrated reverse flow valve avoids back wash of contamination. When changing the element, only the end cap of the bowl has to be removed. The filter is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The filter media used in the elements is high quality Microglass III glass fibre.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100P design, only the bowl end-cap is removed on element change.
  • Microglass III glassfibre media is standard.
  • Maximum pressure 414 bar. Maximum flow 1000 l/min.
  • An ideal solution where space is at a premium.

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Medium Pressure In-line Filter – 45M Series


The 45M Series utilizes a cast iron head and steel bowl design and can be specified with Microglass lll or Ecoglass lll filter media. Maximum pressure 40 bar. Maximum flow 260 l/min. Lower element replacement costs and lower disposal costs. The 45M/45 Eco Series of medium pressure filters offer an ideal solution to the problem of protecting system components at lower pressures. The robust filter housing of the 45M allows the product to be applied in harsh environments. Filter bowl is designed for rapid element replacement. ECO Series elements reduces the waste over 50% due to the reusable element core.

Features & Benefits:

  • 45M utilizes a cast iron head and steel bowl.
  • Solves the problem of protecting system compoments at lower pressures.
  • Maximum pressure 40 bar. Maximum flow 260 l/min.
  • An ideal filter series for harsh environments.

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Tanktop Mounted Return Line Filter – BGT Series


The Parker Filtration BGT Series Tank Mounted Return Line Filters. BGT tanktop mounted return line filters feature pre-filtration by means of a magnet column and a quick response bypass with low hysteresis. Thanks to the ‘In-to-Out’ filter principle, contaminated oil cannot leak back into the system. BGT Filters are available in versions capable of handling flow rates up to 2400 l/min. They can operate with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar. LEIF® elements are available for environment-friendly filtration for versions up to 1500 l/min.

Features and Benefits:

  • BGT features pre-filtration by means of a magnet column.
  • Filter heads with multiple ports available.
  • Flow from inside to out.
  • Full flow bypass with low hysteresis.
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar. Maximum flow 2400 l/min.
  • Patented LEIF® elements safeguard filtration quality.

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Portable Filtration System Guardian Series


The Guardian is lightweight, compact, and hand-held, making it easy to carry and reach difficult areas. Fitting easily on a 55 gallon drum, this convenient unit and only requires one person to operate – saving labor costs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight, Hand Held, Compact Design that fits easily on 55 gallon drums, Which is Easy to Carry, Capable of Getting Into Hard to Reach Areas, and Only Requires One Person Operation
  • A Flow Rate up to 4 GPM that Filters and Transfers Simultaneously Provides One Step Operation
  • The Powerful Pump/Motor/Combination with Carboxylated Nitrile Seals are Standard, and Handles Fluids up to 16,000 SUS Viscosity, Providing Reliable Performance in a Wide Variety of Operating Conditions
  • Built-in Relief Valve with no Downstream Fluid Bypass Ensures that Only 100% Filtered Fluid Reaches Downstream Components – Even When Unattended
  • Wide Variety of Filter Elements Available, including High Capacity 2 Micron Absolute Disposable Microglass and 74 Micron Cleanable Wire and Water Removal, Which Maximizes Element Life Between Changes
  • Clear, Wire-Reinforced Hose Assemblies with Wand Attachments, Requiring No Extra Hardware, Easy to Maneuver and Is Ready to Use
  • Optional Quick Disconnect Hose Connections are Fast, Easy to Setup/Tear-Down, Which Eliminates Messy Drips
  • Heavy-Duty Motor with Thermal Overload Protection, is UL Recognized and CSA Listed, Offering Safe, Reliable Performance, and is Field Serviceable
  • Geroter Pump with Visible Serviceable Inlet Strainer Offers a Dirt Tolerant Design with Added Protection, Reliable in Highly Contaminated Fluids
  • Its Quiet Operation (Less than 70dB Noise level at 3 ft.) Can be Used Almost Anywhere with Minimal Disturbance
  • Low Center of Gravity Provides Stability and Runs Reliably Unattended
  • Dual Motor Seals Offers Added Motor Protection and Longer Motor Life
  • Auxiliary Inlet/Outlet Ports Offer Flexibility – Able to be Used in Place of, or in Addition to, Standard Ports; Outlet can also be Used as a Sampling Port


Water is one of the most common contaminants in a fluid system and one of the most damaging. When water contaminates a system, it can cause many serious problems such as: corrosion, fluid breakdown, reduction of lubricating properties, additive precipitation, oil oxidation, reduced dielectric strength, and abrasive wear in hydraulic components.

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Portable Purification Systems PVS Series

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows Oil to Heat Quickly, Removing Water More Quickly, Saving Time
  • Real-time Water Content Indication in % Saturation, Providing At-a-Glance Visual Confirmation
  • Unattended Use, Reducing Labor Costs
  • Designed for 24/7 Operation, Increasing System Operation Time
  • No Corrosion, Increasing Product Reliability
  • Able to View the Vacuum Dehydration Process, Providing Visual Verification of Water Removal
  • Desiccant Breather Insures Dry, Clean Intake Air, Providing More Efficient Operation
  • Easy-to-Change Motor Rotation, Providing Ease of Maintenance and Preventing Incorrect Rotation
  • Provides Safe and Secure Method of Lifting the Unit, Ensuring Employee Safety
  • Flexibility with Various Fluid Viscosities, Providing Greater Efficiency in Removing Moisture
  • Phase reversal switch allows easy-to-change power phase, Providing Ease of Maintenance and Preventing Incorrect Rotation
Low Pressure In-line Spin-on Filter – Maxiflow Series


The Maxiflow full flow spin-on filters are designed to provide quality protection for hydraulic or lubrication systems. Rated at a maximum pressure of 10 bar at 360 l/min, Maxiflow filters cover a wide range of mobile and industrial applications. Maxiflow filters are ideally suited to full flow and bypass circuit installations where the need for high quality filter media is recommended for effective protection of system components, improving system productivity and profitability. Optional indicators provide direct information as to when the spin-on canisters require replacement.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum pressure 10 bar. Maximum flow 360 l/min
  • Available with optional indicators
  • High quality filter medium

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The Moduflow™ Plus series low pressure suction/return/duplex filter is widely considered the most versatile filter available on the market. From inlet port to element to bypass valve, Parker Moduflow™ Plus filters provide the high level of hydraulic filtration and long-term dependability so vital to today’s hydraulic systems. These filters are being used on precision tools, sophisticated control systems, and hydraulic-powered vehicles. The improved ModuflowTM Plus Series element features longer element life, increased dirt-holding capacity and the need for fewer element changes.

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Low Pressure Tank Mounted Filter Moduflow™ Plus Series

Features and Benefits:

  • Parker Tells-All indicator notifies when no element is installed and can be mounted on either side
  • Lightweight aluminum flanges provide easy plumbing to system
  • Integral 35 PSI bypass replaced with every element change
  • Microglass III media available
  • Three available filtration media types: composite, special paper, and wire mesh, ranging in micron rating size from 1 to 74
  • Bowl is constructed using durable steal
  • Top access for easy element service prevents spills and reduces maintenance costs
  • Slotted cover for quick release, reduces maintenance costs
  • Closed bottom elements remove all contaminants during element service, preventing downtime
  • More dirt holding capacity
  • Lower pressure drop
  • No trickling bypass
  • Five mounting and porting options provides flexibility
High Pressure Inline Filter WPF Series


Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are demanding. Improved controls and long component life are expected. To deliver the high standards of performance, hydraulic components are built with tighter tolerance and higher system pressures, which increase a systems sensitivity to contamination. Pressure filters are used to safeguard expensive downstream components from contaminants, helping to protect a system from devastating failure.

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Features and Benefits:

  • High strength ductile iron filter head with integral indicator port
  • Forged steel bowl with standard drain port
  • Ecoglass, non-metallic design reduces disposal costs due to minimum mass and oil retention making it environmentally friendly
  • Proprietary SurgeGuard element endcap assembly includes bypass and reverse flow valves for element component performance integrity with improved flow fatigue resistance
  • Reliable high performance, quick response design incorporates integrated bypass and reverse flow valve technology
  • Patented flexible tangs secure element in bowl for easy, fast, safe, and clean removal
  • Coreless element assembly
  • Element removal clearance
  • Benchmarked best-in-class against major competitors
  • Re-usable element support core
  • Patented valves with low hysteresis and low friction creating optimum performance
Low Pressure Spin-on Filters 12at/50at Series


Often, economic conditions dictate what type of filter is used on a piece of equipment. When costs are tight, you need a filter that is inexpensive, yet uncompromising in performance and quality. Parker’s spin-on filters fit that need. They are built to fit demanding design parameters in today’s mobile and industrial equipment. No compromising.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mobile Equipment
  • Hydrostatic Drives
  • Industrial Power Units
  • Reservoir Breathers

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High Pressure Inline/reverse Flow Filter 50p Series


Modern high pressure hydraulic systems are demanding. Better controls and long component life are expected. To deliver the high standards of performance, hydraulic components are built with tighter tolerances increasing their sensitivity to contamination.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Meets SAE HF4 Specification for Automotive Uses
  • O-Ring Seal
  • Positive o-ring Sealing for Optimum Element Efficiency
  • Plastic End Caps
  • Laser Marked for Clear Long-Lasting Identification – Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Spiral Support Cylinders
  • High Strength Consistent Support
  • Continuous Length Elements Eliminates Leak Points and Increases Surface Area
  • Base Mounted Filter
  • No brackets required for installation, reducing costs
  • Top Access Cover
  • Removes element from top, reducing mess
  • Lighter than removing the entire bowl
  • Visual and Electrical Indicators
  • Know exactly when Element service is required
  • Drain Port
  • Drain all Oil from Assembly Prior to Servicing, Eliminates Cross-Contamination
  • Vent Port
  • Purges all Trapped Air in Filter, Achieving Maximum Element Performance and Prevents a “Spongy” System
  • Microglass III Elements – Available in Four Different Micron Sizes
  • Documented Consistent Performance, Backed by Recognized Test Standards – Providing Reliability
  • Multi-Layer Media – Offering High Capacity and Efficiency
  • Wire Reinforced Pleats – No Performance Loss from Pleat Bunching
High Pressure In-line Duplex Filter – 22PD-32PD Series


The 22PD-32PD Series is a high pressure filter with a wide application capability. It is designed to offer continuous operation during element change. The 22PD-32PD Series utilizes a duplex design with integrated balancing valve and vent ports. A changeover valve operates on the upstream side of the filter, ensuring continuous filtration and a contamination free system. Glassfibre filtarion media is applied as standard.

Features and Benefits:

  • 22PD-32PD utilizes a duplex design with integrated balancing valve and vent ports.
  • Microglass III glassfibre media is standard.
  • Maximum pressure 210 bar. Maximum flow 260 l/min.
  • Designed to offer continuous operation during element change.

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Portable Filtration Cart / Trolley – 10MFP Series


Hydraulic fluid should always be filtered before being put into use. Most new fluids (right out of the drum) contain high levels of contamination, including solid particulate matter and water. If the fluid is not polished and/or cleansed before entering the hydraulic circuit, these contaminants can significantly impact system performance and cause damage to critical components, leading to shorter maintenance intervals, added downtime, and increased costs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Capable of flows up to 38 L/min (10 GPM)
  • CE certified
  • Operating temperature range: -26 to +70°C (-15 to +158°F)
  • Hand and lance assembly included (no additional hardware required for use)
  • Top-Accessible service cover for easy changing of elements
  • Hoses are flexible for tight spots and are kink-resistant –preventing pump cavitation
  • Visual indicator notifies user to change element
  • Heavy-duty, rugged frame
  • 6 ft. electrical cord with ON/OFF switch. 20 ft. optional electrical cord available (featuring retractable reel and mounted power switch with thermal overload protection)
  • Dual, two stage filters provide 2.5 times the dirt-holding capacity of competing products
  • Industrial quality gear pump
  • Drip tray helps to keep the work area safe and clean
  • Industrial brand name 110V/220V AC motor
  • Optional Parker icountPD (diagnostic laser detection particle counter)